Providing immediate Covid-19 protection for frontline healthcare workers.

Video Interview

Aegros is an Australian Bio-Pharma company that is about to completely disrupt the global Plasma market. Aegros vision is to develop & deliver the best Hyperimmunes to protect against existing and emerging diseases.

Aegros will achieve this by integrating its multi patent pending HaemaFrac™ technology with existing processes to deliver safe & affordable therapeutic plasma products.

Aegros’s first product is a Covid-19 hyperimmune called Covimmune which can offer immediate passive immunity for frontline health workers and those unable to take vaccines.

Interview timestamps

  • Introduction & why Pulse Markets like Aegros 0:01

  • Aegros: same products as CSL at a fraction of cost & more efficiently 1:15

  • How Covimmune provides immediate protection from Covid-19 2:00

  • Why so many people worldwide can’t take vaccines 3:00

  • How Covimmune quickly adapts to Covid-19 mutations 3:30

  • Why Covimmune will be successful 4:00

  • The core of the technology- high small volumes & high recoveries 5:05

  • Why the NBA & other authorities want this 5:25

  • Aegros advantage over existing providers 5:50

  • How Covimmune is the wedge to be a global Fractionator giant – $19B global market 6:05

  • Aegros using their HaemaFrac technology to be Australia’s 2nd fractionator 7:00

  • Why Aegros can do this better than CSL & others 7:45

  • How Aegros can ensure Australia has guarantee of proteins supply 8:20

  • Fractionator technology is 75 years old, this is the first change to that 8:35

  • A 30 year journey to get to this point, trials etc 9:05

  • Timeline to issue of TGA license 9:35

  • Significance of TGA license 10:00

  • 3 different revenue streams & their timelines 10:30

    • Therapeutic Products: Covimmune, then IVIG & Albumin 10:45

    • License the Aegros process globally 11:10

    • Manufacture of Membranes for use in machines using the process 12:05

  • Understanding the Aegros model & patient involvement (B2G)

  • Why the Clinical Trial will only be 42 days 13:40

    • Near-term milestones 14:40

    • TGA approval ~end Sept 2021

    • GMP approval ~end Sept 2021

    • Complete Clinical trials ~Dec 2022

    • First orders from NBA (National Blood Authority)

    • Potential revenue Q2 2022

    • Sign replication deals globally

    • IPO Q 2 2022

  • Comparable market caps 15:40

  • Use of funds in this raise 16:50

  • Disclaimer 17:50


Important Notice

Please refer disclaimer at end of interview. This information must not be taken as financial advice please consult a financial professional before making any investment decision. Pulse Markets takes no responsibility for any of the claims in this interview. This company may not be suitable for your investment needs.


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