Individually Managed Accounts (IMA)

Leverage on our expertise to grow your portfolio

Individually Managed Accounts (IMA) are brokerage accounts open in your name and managed jointly by you and our advisors.

Our investment committee will analyse market trends, opportunities and volatilities.

Your portfolio can consist of major Australian and international listed shares, options and other derivatives, both in large and small caps. We will judge your understanding of principles behind each category to ensure you understand and accept the risks as well as general mechanics of the products.

In the broad world of investing, we sometimes come across unlisted products that are offered exclusively to a handful of investors. These unlisted products may be start-ups or new disruptors that our brokers see a great potential in. These products may be offered to you under our IMA arrangement.

You stay in control, your IMA is essentially your account and all trades are done in your name. You have access to the account and can see and discuss your portfolio with us at any time.

Contact us today to know more, meet our team and set up your IMA and get your winning solution.

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